How Family Mediation Can Work For You

family mediation

Family mediation is unusually recommended for people going through separation or divorce. It can work by providing an independent mediator with no personal connection to either party.

In order to make mediation work you need to be open to reaching the best possible outcome for both parties. The mediator will work with you to reach a fair outcome.

The benefits of mediation

Mediation has numerous benefits over going to court with your ex-partner.

Our guide of frequently asked questions on mediation delves deeper, but the main benefits include:

  • Mediation is less stressful than going through court
  • It is cheaper than going through a long court battle.
  • Mediation follows the parties’ timeline, rather than according to court dates.
  • The process can help you reach proposals that are more likely to last.
  • Agreements made in mediation can be made legally binding in court.
  • Mediation is confidential.

In particular, mediation is an excellent way to resolve issues that might have led to the breakdown of the relationship with a legally binding outcome.

This can help mitigate any animosity between parents surrounding a separation, especially when children are involved.

You may even be eligible for the Family Mediation Voucher Scheme, check your eligibility by contacting our team or visiting the Government website.

The procedure of mediation

Mediation should be carried out by professionals who are guided by the Family Mediation Code of Practice of Mediation.

These professionals are not always solicitors, but they are experienced mediators in marital and family work. At GoodLaw Solicitors all of our mediators operate under the aforementioned Code for fair and independent advice during the family mediation process.

The mediation process starts with both parties agreeing to take part in the mediation. Following that both parties join together with an independent mediator in the same room or the same building.

In all cases, parties will not be committed to reaching any complete and binding agreement without first consulting their own solicitors.

Summaries of the financial settlement proposals will be furnished to the parties for the purpose of independent legal advice.

Also, read our guide on the most frequently asked questions for separation and divorce, it could make the process smoother.

Our Mediators in Brighton, Hove, Hassocks and Farnham

At GoodLaw Solicitors we have three qualified family mediators, based in our Surrey and Sussex offices.

Jane Wells is a Mediator and Family Law Specialist. She is a Solicitor who has specialised in Family Law working for over 20 years in the legal profession. Jane is a member of The Law Society’s Children Law Panel and is a fully accredited family mediator with Resolution and is a professional practice consultant.

Emma Taylor is a Partner at GoodLaw Solicitors after initially qualifying as a Chartered Legal Executive. The mediation Emma performs is focused on children matters with an aim to ensure that the children are the main focus of any mediation. For Emma, the children’s needs are the paramount consideration for any separation.

Finally, Malvina Peci is a specialist family lawyer and mediator who deals with all areas of family law. Her particular specialism is in matrimonial matters, having led cases involving complex high-net-worth assets, trusts and tax issues, and substantial business assets.

Our mediation service at GoodLaw is subject to Legal Aid Agency (legal aid) quality controls and audits, complying with the relevant requirements concerning quality of service. We are willing to accept referrals through other solicitors, other agencies or directly from clients. If you wish to make a referral or require further information please contact one of our family mediators by clicking on their profile pages above or emailing us at [email protected].

Download our leaflet for more information:

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