What are Remote or Hybrid Court Hearings?

Guide to Remote Court Hearings

With COVID-19 being disruptive to nearly all aspects of daily life, hearings have had to adapt. This has popularised remote and hybrid hearings to compensate for people unable to attend court in person.

Download our guide and read everything you need to know about remote court hearings.

What does a remote court hearing mean?

A remote hearing is a hearing held over a phone call or video call. This form of hearing makes it accessible through a phone, laptop, tablet or computer. Despite it not occurring in a physical court, the proceedings will be the same as if you were. Additionally, the court still has the same powers and requires the same level of respect. 

It allows the plaintiff, defendant and judge to remain at home and engage in social distancing. It can also be beneficial for simple procedural hearings or administrative proceedings. 

What is a hybrid hearing?

Hybrid hearings are a mixture of physical hearings and remote hearings. This could mean one party is expected to physically turn up to the courtroom and one party joins a video call. The judge will always be physically present in the courtroom.

Hybrid hearings came into place to allow courtrooms to retain social distancing. Additionally, a hybrid hearing might happen if one person can’t physically make it to a court or if the courtroom isn’t big enough for everybody to fit in whilst keeping a safe social distance. 

Rules for remote and hybrid hearings

These are the rules enforced during remote and hybrid hearings. Being aware of these rules can help your case run smoothly.

  • You need to give an up-to-date number to be contacted on
  • You need to ask for permission to record a case, it is a criminal offence to record without permission
  • Arrive on time, remote hearings nearly always start on time
  • Attend on your own if it is a private hearing
  • You need a phone or another electronic device that has a reliable connection

Make sure you read the above guide that further explains any queries you may have concerning remote and hybrid hearings.

Have questions regarding remote and hybrid hearings? Make sure to get in touch with our legal team by contacting your nearest GoodLaw Solicitors branch. Our Sussex team can be reached on 01273 956 270 and our Surrey team on 01252 471 211.

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