Understanding the Divorce Process

In the video below, matrimonial lawyer Malvina Peci and assistant solicitor Alix Brigden dive into the various stages of the divorce process, providing valuable insights into what to expect and how long it typically takes.

1. Deciding to Separate

Mutual Decision: You and your partner decide that you want to separate. It’s important to have open discussions and agree on the way forward.

Application for Divorce: Either one of you, or both jointly, will need to apply for divorce. This step officially starts the process.

2. Making the Divorce Application

Co-Application Option: You can apply for divorce jointly or separately. Joint applications can make the process feel more cooperative.

No-Fault Divorce: There is no need to assign blame for the breakdown of the marriage. The application simply states that the marriage has irretrievably broken down. This can reduce conflict and make the process smoother.

3. The 20-Week Waiting Period

Conditional Order: After the divorce application is submitted, there is a mandatory 20-week waiting period before applying for the conditional order. This waiting period is designed to allow both parties to reflect and ensure they want to proceed.

Financial Agreement: Use this time to resolve your finances and reach a financial agreement. This agreement can later be submitted to the court for approval. It’s advisable to seek legal advice during this stage to ensure the agreement is fair and comprehensive.

4. Applying for the Conditional Order

Court Approval: Once the 20-week period is over, apply for the conditional order. This is the court’s acknowledgment that you are entitled to a divorce. The court will review the application and, if satisfied, will grant the conditional order.

5. Finalising the Financial Agreement

Sealing the Agreement: After the conditional order is approved, send your financial agreement to the court to make it legally binding. This step is crucial as it ensures that the financial settlement is enforceable by law.

6. The Final Order

Ending the Marriage: Six weeks after the conditional order is granted, you can apply for the final order, which will legally end your marriage. This final stage formally dissolves the marriage and allows both parties to move forward independently.

Timeline for Divorce?

A straightforward divorce with a financial agreement typically takes about six months to complete. This, of course, can vary depending on the complexity of the case and how quickly agreements are reached.

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