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Modern Families

Every Family is Different

At GoodLaw Solicitors LLP we recognise that every family is different and the way in which a family approach decisions and disputes is incredibly subjective.  Our family law team in Brighton & Hove do not just advise and deal with family disputes but also issues that arise when a family is being created.  We are fortunate to live in an area in the UK where family diversity is common place and GoodLaw Solicitors are proud to assist any family and advise those from the LGBTQ+ community where different issues may arise upon which advice is required.

We are specialists in providing advice to families going through different processes in order to have a child, be that fertility treatment,  known donor conception or adoption.  We have a sensitive approach and try and assist with high levels of empathy and understanding whilst also ensuring you have a realistic view of the legal position. 

Family Solicitors in Brighton, Hove & Farnham

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Fertility Treatment

We can advise on issues arising from assisted reproduction in respect of your legal rights, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority and regulations in respect of treatment.  Whilst most cases would hopefully be straightforward with clear advice given from the regulated clinic, there can be more difficult emotive issues arise, for example in relation to posthumous conception (where a donor has passed away and the remaining partner wishes to continue with the fertility treatment).  

Whilst most clinics are regulated and issues are dealt with properly, there have been cases where forms have not been properly completed and these administrative errors have led to a person not being recognised as the legal parent of their own child.  We can assist in these cases and provide you with the necessary advise 

Known Donor Conception

Whilst fertility treatment via a licensed clinic is regulatory and there tends to be clear provisions in place, this is not the situation with private arrangements where a donor is known to the recipient.   It is important that, before embarking on known donor conception, that you take proper legal advice about the implications of this and how best to manage the relationship and arrangements for the child. 

We can advise you on the best way to secure the arrangements for your child within a known-donor agreement or co-parenting agreement if the latter is appropriate in your situation.  We can ensure you think about all implications, emotional, medical and financial and, whilst an agreement outside of court would not be wholly legal binding or prevent potential future court applications, it could carry weight in court and reduce the risk of a dispute arising in the first place.


Adoption is the legal term for assuming all parental rights and responsibilities for a child and severing any other persons rights over that child.  The child becomes a legal member of your family for life and the legal position is that they are exactly the same as if they had been born into the family.  When you adopt a child, their birth certificate is replaced by their adoption certificate. 

Adoption in the UK and adoption from abroad can be a lengthy all encompassing process and, at times, you may feel that you need specific advice about your options and the next steps.  At GoodLaw Solicitors LLP we have a specialist adoption advisor who can discuss these matters with you and advice you on the legal implications. 

We can advise you about step-parent adoption, the adoption process, adopting a child who is a relation and adoption in an LGBT relationship where you are not recognised as a legal parent.   We can help you consider all the options for you and your family and the legal implications that may apply in your situation and try and make the process as easy as possible for you. 

As we are a multi-practice firm, we are also able to assist with regards to making a Will when your family changes and advising you on any inheritance implications.  GoodLaw Solicitors LLP is committed to making advice easy and accessible for everybody and therefore, if you wish to take advice on the above or any other family law issue, please do not hesitate to contact us on [email protected].

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