A look at the implications of Covid-19 on relationships

Almost all of us are now affected by COVID-19 and the emergency measures being taken to slow its transmission. We are stocking up on essential items. Schools across the country have closed, leaving parents to homeschool their children. Claustrophobia is settling in as restaurants, shops, theaters, leisure centers and businesses shut their doors. Financial concerns abound as thousands are losing hours at work or being laid off entirely. And beneath it all lurks the main concern: what if I or my loved ones get sick?

To add to this already heavy list of worries, many of us are not used to spending so much time at home every day with our partner, even when a crisis isn’t in the mix. Love is 24/7, however, usually our days together are not. One month ago, your partner’s self-sufficiency and unwillingness to watch a television program before weighing in were charming personality traits; the kind of thing that is either endearing or aggravating, depending on your mood. However, now, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, you might be viewing those traits in an entirely different light. Seemingly personal choices are now a literal matter of life and death and could reveal a significant difference in values within your relationship, making you wonder if this person is the right match for you.

Maybe you were already considering ending your relationship before you got stuck in an apartment or house with your partner for the foreseeable future, or maybe being stuck with them has made you realise this is not working for you. While the ongoing pandemic has slowed (or completely halted) most parts of our lives, this one particular thing does not have to be put on hold. You can still end a relationship, provided you can do so safely. For people in this situation the financial considerations around separating from their partner can seem overwhelming and even more so at a time when people are less able to leave their home, even to deal with important issues such as legal matters. We at GoodLaw understand that feeling out of control and fear of the future consume our every conversation these days and are able to use our years of experience in Family Law to produce an online process which will allow us to continue to work together with clients from the safety of their own home and to be able to provide them with advice, identify their matrimonial assets, provide solutions to divide assets fairly, as well as being able to liaise with the courts to resolve matters in a sufficient and timely manner. We can produce Agreements which reflect what has been agreed between you and your partner, allowing parties an efficient and cost-effective way to separate without waiting for court hearings that are expensive and lengthy. Furthermore, the current situation is unknown, judges are either adjourning cases or not hearing cases for the next 12 weeks on anything other than urgent matters.

Conventional wisdom tells us to not make any big, life-changing decisions during times of increased stress, the idea being that our brains cannot think clearly when we are processing intense or stressful emotions. However, the nature of this unprecedented situation may provide necessary clarity. There might be no better way to learn how you want to live your life and who you want to share it with. At a time when interest rates are at an all-time low, assets continue to wildly fluctuate and those considering divorce want to be able to purchase a property separate from their partner which truly makes time of the essence right now. Our lawyers understand and are highly skilled in all aspects of assisting clients, with amicable agreements, property matters and children disputes. We are able to offer a cost-effective and efficient process that allows couples to separate without waiting for expensive court hearings or indeed paying for third party mediators at a time where anxiety, fear and the inescapable close quarters of mandated social distancing or lock-down in places are bringing new challenges, especially to those couples that were already considering separation.

Our team is continuing to work diligently on behalf of all clients and will continue to do so throughout this period of unrest and uncertainty. It is essential to understand you are not alone. The feelings you are experiencing; fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, or something else entirely are all normal and okay. We at GoodLaw now more than ever believe that we can weather this storm together, and above all, we need to work together and be kind to each other. If you do need any advice about your family issues in this difficult time, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01273 956270 or email [email protected].

By Published On: April 28th, 2020Categories: Insights

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