Green Phone Domestic Abuse Initiative

Divorce or separation with children and co-parenting can be difficult and complex situations, which can often be demanding, confusing and frustrating even at the calmest of times. Since lockdown commenced on 24 March 2020, families are facing new challenges; and the task of managing the important needs of families with the additional difficulties and restrictions now imposed on daily life by the COVID pandemic has undeniably raised a myriad of questions and considerations.

The new eBook from OnlyMums & Dads, Separating & Parenting Through the COVID Pandemic: Key Questions Answered, covers a wide variety of the new questions that are being asked by many parents during this difficult time. Each question raised in the book is answered by an expert in their field of law; and provides information areas such as how the family courts are functioning, how court orders are being maintained or amended to accommodate the changing social restrictions. The eBook also provides a very helpful glossary of legal terms to assist separating parents with their understanding of the process they are going through, and a thorough list of organisations who can provide various types of support, along with contact links for those organisations.

Importantly, there is also a vital chapter on domestic abuse in the new eBook. The need for support for victims of domestic abuse is more prevalent than ever. So along with the release of the new eBook, Separating & Parenting Through the COVID Pandemic: Key Questions Answered, OnlyMums & Dads have recently launched their COVID19 Green Phone Initiative, which provides vital free professional support for male and female victims of domestic abuse. This crucial service is supported by legal professionals, who are volunteering their time to have telephone calls with any parent who is a victim of domestic abuse and needs some free advice.

Our Partner, Emma Taylor, has been working with OnlyMums & Dads for the past few years, providing valuable insight in various aspects of Family Law. Emma originally contributed to the first book published by OnlyMums & Dads, 101 Questions Answered About Separating With Children, and is proud to have also contributed to their latest eBook, Separating & Parenting Through the COVID Pandemic: Key Questions Answered, as well as volunteering her expertise as one of the participants of the COVID19 Green Phone Initiative.

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