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Coroners act on behalf of the crown and investigate sudden deaths due to undetermined causes. This can include violent deaths, unnatural deaths, or when deaths due to unknown causes happen in, for example, hospitals, nursing homes or prisons. A formal court hearing takes place – with or without a jury – and relevant statements and documents help the coroner come to a decision. If you have need legal advice and representation in connection with a coroner’s inquest in Sussex & Surrey, then GoodLaw Solicitors LLP can assist you through this difficult process.

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For representation at Coroner’s inquests, contact GoodLaw Solicitors LLP in Brighton, Hove, Hassocks and Farnham.
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Where there has been sudden or unexplained death, a coroner’s inquest can help bring closure and peace of mind. As experienced Coroner’s inquest solicitors, our team of experienced lawyers can offer you advice and support throughout the process. How do we support you? We can represent the deceased’s family at the inquest, we offer legal advice and support – and explanations of the process in plain English – from the start to the finish of the inquest process, we can assist with any potential civil claims after the inquest, and we can assist with evidence gathering for the inquest. So if you are having to experience a Coroner’s inquest please call GoodLaw Solicitors LLP today to arrange an appointment to discuss how we can help you.

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