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Coroners, acting on behalf of the Crown, investigate the circumstances of violent or unnatural deaths, or sudden deaths due to an unknown cause which can include deaths which occur in hospitals, nursing homes and prisons. If an inquest is called by the Coroner to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of an individual, a formal court hearing will take place, which may or may not be before a jury. Prior to the hearing the relevant statements and documents will be disclosed to both the parties. We understand that the death of a loved one is traumatic. If the death has occurred suddenly, then the calling of an inquest into the death can bring you peace of mind. GoodLaw Solicitors can help you through this difficult process.
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How can we be of assistance at a Coroner's inquest?

  • Representation for a deceased’s family
  • Support clients from the start of the process through to the end of the hearing
  • Assistance with civil claims after the inquest
  • Expert legal advice
  • Evidence gathering
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At GoodLaw Solicitors, we put in all our effort to help you learn and understand the circumstances of the death of your loved one. Our senior litigators are accredited by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), so you can be sure that we will use all the resources available to help you. 

Based in Brighton, Hove and Farnham, we offer confidential and no-obligation meetings for clients across Sussex and Surrey to discuss the position, hearing costs and the way forward. We also represent individuals and establishments in cases pertaining to property law and medical negligence. Give us a call today for assistance with bringing negligence and abuse claims.  

You can find out more by visiting our dedicated Coroner's inquests site.
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Warren Moore
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James King

Medical Negligence and Personal Injury

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Michael Hartley
Michael Hartley
Senior Associate

Clinical Negligence, Personal Injury and Child Abuse Claims

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