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Making a will can be a surprisingly enjoyable experience!

The feel-good factor after writing a will with GoodLaw might surprise you, but we believe we offer the best will-writing service anywhere.

Why should you choose us to draft your will when there are so many services out there, some of which are cheaper? Here are three important things to consider:

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1. “Simply a highly professional service by experts” as one of our clients kindly put it.

There are some very bad wills out there. In fact around 80% of wills we encounter do not properly reflect clients wishes. The absolute worst thing you can leave your family is a potential conflict.

At GoodLaw, we always provide high quality advice you can trust because we are STEP qualified and have years of experience getting wills right. STEP stands for The Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, which is the gold standard in this area of law. You should always have your will prepared by someone who is STEP qualified to guarantee the best possible advice.

We draft your will so it adapts as your life changes, making it as future-proof as possible. We take the time to fully understand your needs and will happily provide a free half hour initial meeting whether or not you decide to make a will. Call us on 01273 956270.

2. We write our wills in Plain English.

This should be standard in the field but it’s actually surprisingly rare. Many wills we encounter are confusing to read even for a solicitor. Our aim is to raise the standard of will writing with our guarantee of Clarity. We promise you’ll be able to understand everything in your will, not just when you sign but also in the future when you read it back.

3. We are totally open about our fees.

Many clients simply require a straight-forward will setting out their wishes, and you’ll be pleased to learn that, unlike some, we don’t charge a fortune for this type of will (see our standard charges below).

We always work on fixed fees so there are no hidden surprises. We may not produce the cheapest wills in the UK but we are think we provide the best value anywhere. What our clients pay for is to have a will done properly, face to face with high quality advice and aftercare.

Your will deals with your life savings and your family’s future so we strongly believe you should take proper advice on it, at least once. We are also happy to explain the benefits of including a protective trust in your will which provides protection against many unforeseen circumstances, potentially saving your family thousands of pounds.

Most of our clients find making a will is actually a very rewarding experience which gives them a sense of being organised, secure and protected. A properly drafted will provides peace of mind for you and certainty for your family. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised if you develop a feel good factor after making your will with us! 


£199+vat for a single will

£299+vat for a couple.

Occasionally we run price offers. If you would like us to notify you of these, please contact us for details.

Wills containing protective trusts for tax planning, care fees or complex family situations cost slightly more. Please call for prices on these.

Remember what we provide that others don’t:

One last thing you should know about is we are extremely approachable – try calling us for a preliminary chat on 01273 956270 and you will see we are different. You won’t find any pushiness just honest no-nonsense advice.

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