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We have a refreshing approach to probate services – we can do everything for you or we can help you to tackle it yourself. Our DIY service is increasingly popular for straight forward estates.

If you are just looking for a few words of guidance about what’s involved we are happy to provide this for free – please call our probate helpline on 01273 956270 where you’ll find someone friendly and knowledgeable to give you some free guidance.

If you are unsure whether you need a solicitor here are some important factors to consider:

How long does it take to wind up an estate?

People often think that sorting out an estate takes a long time but this is not true if you get the right help. With our proactive approach many estates can be finalised in 3 months, more complicated estates may take around 6 months. 

The cost of probate

People often think probate is very expensive but our fixed fees are very reasonable. Before we do any work we will answer your questions, explain the probate procedure and find out about the estate. Once we have clear picture we will provide you with a fixed fee quote to consider and give you an estimated timescale. We have the clearest and most sensibly priced service available with no nasty surprises.

The executor’s responsibilities

The burden of responsibility put on the executor’s shoulders is higher than most people realise. The job can be time consuming and sometimes complicated but most serious is the burden of personal financial risk an executor is under – with financial consequences if things are not done properly.

An executor is also responsible for keeping to deadlines, paying tax and legacies; establishing the identity of all beneficiaries; issuing tax certificates and mediating between family members who disagree.

Finally, an executor will have to produce estate accounts for all beneficiaries to approve. It is certainly a big task, yet an executor is not entitled to be paid for their hard work.

If the above sounds daunting, we can handle the job for you and remove the financial risks and burdens. However if you feel up to the task please contact us for information about our 70-page probate pack which gives you all the information and documents you need to tackle a simple estate.

If you would like more information please have a look at our FREE guides below.

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