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Coroner’s Inquests

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Coroners are independent judicial officer’s acting on behalf of the Crown, who investigate the circumstances of violent or unnatural deaths, or sudden deaths of an unknown cause (to include deaths which occurred in hospitals, in nursing homes and state run establishments, such as prisons).

All Coroners are now legally qualified, and have considerable and wide-ranging powers.

If an inquest is called by the Coroner to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death of an individual, a formal court hearing will take place, which may or may not be before a jury. Prior to the hearing the relevant statements and documents will be disclosed to the interested parties representatives. Then at the hearing the Coroner will hear evidence from the relevant witnesses, the pathologist and sometimes from independent experts.

The representatives of the interested parties, to include the family, will be allowed to question those who give evidence, and to make legal submissions to the Coroner or Jury.

The Coroner will then summarise the evidence and provide their determination, which, dependent on the agreed scope of the inquest, must include :

There is no doubt that the death of a family member is a traumatic time for all concerned. If the death occurred suddenly and the cause is uncertain, this can compound a family’s grief and although in such circumstances the calling of an inquest into the death can be welcomed, the fact that a formal court hearing will take place is often daunting.

GoodLaw Solicitors specialise in providing representation for a deceased’s family at Coroner’s Inquests, and support clients from the start of the process, at the hearing and beyond. This includes any civil claim that the family may wish to bring after the inquest has been completed.

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