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From January 2014 the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) introduced a mandatory requirement for all firms that it regulates, and in an attempt to ensure that the profession is suitably diverse and/or that firms consider diversity when recruiting staff. Each firm is required to collect, report and publish diversity data. Diversity questionnaires are to be completed anonymously by staff, and the results of that survey must be reported to the SRA and published, generally on a firms website or on their office premises. This is of course subject to a firms obligations and duties under the Data Protection Act 1998 and the duty of confidentiality owed to staff. GoodLaw Solicitors fully back this initiative, and believe that any law firm should be as diverse as possible, pursue a robust equal opportunities policy and be inclusive and open to all.

GoodLaw have now carried out their diversity surveys for August 2017. We are proud to confirm that the results of this survey show that our workforce has a good and general mix of staff from ethnic, educational and socio-economic backgrounds. The firm is also diverse in respect of age and religious beliefs.

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